Batiste™ Tropical Dry Shampoo

Take your hair from flat to fab with Batiste Tropical Dry Shampoo. A waterless solution that revitalizes your hair, eliminates excess oil and provides a fresh, clean feel between washes. It has a pleasant tropical scent featuring coconut, vanilla, and jasmine, without being overwhelming. This dry shampoo also adds volume and texture, making your hair appear fuller. Let’s face it, life gets crazy sometimes and skipping a wash (or two) is inevitable. Using this dry shampoo spray is easy.

How to use
Shake the shampoo bottle thoroughly, section your hair and spray as much as you want 12 inches from your roots, use your fingertips to massage the Batiste shampoo into your hair and brush or style your hair however you want so you can get going.
Recommended regimen
Perfect for the girl-on-the-go, using this vanilla, jasmine and coconut dry shampoo spray helps save time by making styling your hair fast and easy.